The Freedom of Mobility and Socialization!

We would like to thank Freedom Concepts for designing these bikes for kids. Not only does this make physical therapy so much more fun but for the very first time it offers Oliver freedom of mobility! He is able to propel on his own with all the proper supports for “his” safety. This bike also allows Oliver for the very first time to interact with his peers, equally!!

Our family will forever be grateful for giving our son the freedom of mobility and socialization! We will definitely look them up again when he outgrows this one!!!!

-Amy Clavette

Oliver on his DCP12 Tricycle

Izzie’s Inaugural Bike Ride

I wanted to send you this video of Izzie’s inaugural bike ride that was held a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. As you can see from the video, we had a big bike ride to celebrate her “new ride” and Izzie is completely in love with her new adaptive bicycle. Thank you so much for all of your help in giving Izzie the opportunity to ride along side her friends and family. This means the world to her and to our family to have Izzie be able to participate in physical activities along side other children. We truly do appreciate your involvement in the Great Bike Giveaway, which was our first step towards our journey of trying to achieve the dream of an adaptive bicycle for her. What had turned out to be a disappointment when she did not win in the raffle, ended up being something so much more when friends and family refused to see Izzie miss out on the opportunity of having her very own bike and showed their love and support of Izzie by putting together along with Freedom Concepts, a wonderful fundraiser that was successful in just four days.

Thank you so much for your help during this process and to Freedom Concepts for their participation in the Great Bike Giveaway and for helping to make the world for those with disabilities about inclusion and not seclusion.

Audrey Aguirre-Woo

Halie’s Roll’er Chill-Out Chair

Halie_ChillOutChair_Roller_testimonialimage_fci1Our twin girls were born at 25 weeks, and as a result of the prematurity Halie now has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.  She is not able to sit, talk, walk, or eat on her own.  We are always trying to come up with other positioning for her so she is not always sitting in her wheelchair, laying on the floor, or sitting in someone’s lap.  Her therapist recommended the Chill-Out Chair they had at their clinic and we had seen it at the Abilities Expo as well.  We received the chair a couple of months ago and it has been such a blessing.  It can be easily moved from one room to the next and her sister can even move it as well!  It is a safe, comfortable alternative so she can sit back and watch on the Ipad with her sister and doesn’t have to be held all the time.  Halie is able to interact/play with her twin sister easier.  So thankful for this chair, it gives her the freedom I know she needs!

Thanks again so much!  Next thing is to save up for the bike for her so she can play outside with her sister.  She loves the adaptive bike she uses at therapy.

Take Care,

Allison Miller


Jastiny Now Riding with Her Siblings

Jastiny_testimonial_image01This experience was amazing. Not only for Jastiny but for me and my family. We always try to make Jastiny have a normal life and give her an opportunity to play with her brother and sisters. We go through so many tricycles and play cars. And none of them would help her due to her condition. And then we met with Freedom Concepts and Virginia and her family from Joey’s Friends Too and gave Jastiny this amazing opportunity to be part their family and let her have a chance to play along with her brother and sister. And we could thank you enough for everything that you did to make this happen for her.

God bless you.


Bella’s Dream Come True

Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity to be more included with peers and the ability to go biking again!!

Bella rode for most of the afternoon after it was dropped off. She is already determined to ride in the Manitoba Marathon – the Junior 5K part and says “I will race one day Mama!” LOL. She sits very nice in this bike and fits her quite well.
Thank you for this opportunity for her for physically, socially, and mentally.


Variety and Andrew’s ASR

McKenzie's New BikeI drove to Visalia yesterday to give my new friend, Andrew, his custom built Freedom Concepts bike. When I arrived, he wasn’t feeling too good, it was 106, and well honestly I didn’t blame him for hiding inside. But his Dad, Joseph, brought him outside and his Mom, Marianna, was waiting with me for the big unveiling. To our utter delight, he perked right up, gave a giggle and once loaded on and… all the safety straps secure, off he went. He loved it! And as soon as he was riding, he was making loops around the cul-de-sac, his siblings, neighbor kids and even his puppy were riding with him and running alongside to be with him and just take joy in a classic summertime event…….’kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood’. These custom adaptive bikes have such a value; therapeutically, developmentally and most importantly………socially. I thank our donors for allowing Andrew the chance to be a kid. There are more children like him, if you can help by making a donation then more kiddos like Andrew will become Freedom Riders this summer too! You can donate at

Ayesha Williamson

Executive Director, Variety of Northern California


McKenzie’s Newfound Freedom

McKenzie's New BikeMcKenzie fell in love with her bike the moment she saw it and truly loves it. It has given her a new found freedom! In the past we would have to force her to play outside and now we can’t get her in :-) . For us, it has truly been a blessing in disguise, as it also helps McKenzie with her gross motor skills and  she is making exceptional progress in physical therapy. We are eternally grateful for you and your company!




Confidence, Independence and a New Ride!

Caiden's New BikeCaiden is a fun loving 5 1/2 year old who was born with Spina Bifida and a great personality. He loves to be outdoors and to do whatever any other kid his age does. From playing in the dirt and fishing to shooting hoops, playing baseball and riding a bike, he’s a go getter and doesn’t let his limitations slow him down! Due to his Spina Bifida, he has no feeling below his knees, a dislocated hip causing gait disturbances and balance deficits, decreased muscle tone and delayed gross motor skills, along with other medical needs. Caiden receives physical therapy twice a week where he has had opportunities to ride a Freedom Concepts bike. He loves it!! We are an active family and love to be outdoors and to go on bike rides. This bike will not only provide a form of therapy, but a sense of confidence and independence for him! Caiden has been asking for a bike of his very own for over a year…now he has one!!!! Thank you so much for being apart of him getting this bike!! We can’t wait to see him riding around this summer!!

Thanks again!!

Beyond Doctor’s Expectations – Devyn’s Determination

Vivienne's New Adaptive Bike

Devyn has what’s called lissencephaly, meaning she was born with a smooth brain. She suffers from lots of seizures and is at about a 9 month to 1-yr-old level but she is really 12 years old. She does do way more than doctors ever thought she would and has learned to communicate in her own way. We are very blessed to have her! She is a sweet girl who is always in a good mood! Dev is very intrigued with what’s going on while she is on the bike. She is wheelchair bound and walks with a lot of assistance so she is still trying to figure out how her legs are going around on the bike. She is one determined little girl so we are hoping we will be able to get her to pedal on her own as the pedals go around so easily, but it will take some time. We believe the foot straps will help us with this because she does get the concept of lifting her legs to walk.

-Devyn’s mom

Devyn was a Children’s Miracle Network Poster Child in 2007!

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