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…The whole neighborhood was very impressed with them and the fact the boys were having so much fun. Dillon who has always been very apprehensive of riding a bike was at first backing away, but when his little brother got on his and took off Dillon got on his and had the time of his life… Seeing them have so much fun brought tears to our eyes. I just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to see our children enjoy being like that of a normal four and six year old child. We took pictures of which we will be sure to send if they turn out… Again thanks.


Josie and her sister Teresa are twins that were conjoined at the head slots who were successfully separated. Josie is a 1st grader at a Los Angeles County Elementary School and her mom, Jenny is adament that instead of using a wheelchair, Josie ride her bike at school and at home.

Jenny and Josie

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