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Freedom Concepts Inc. is proud of the high quality assistive technology devices we custom manufacture. All component parts are inspected at various stages of
production and each product is subjected to a rigorous final inspection before being shipped. Freedom Concepts provides a Standard Lifetime Warranty on all product frames, and a two-year Warranty on parts and accessories. The warranty commences on the date the product is shipped to the customer and does not include repair or replacement required as a result of misuse, abuse, use for any purpose other than intended, damage resulting from commercial or institutional use, or from normal wear and tear. The defective part(s) must be returned through an authorized dealer. If the warranty claim is approved by Freedom Concepts, the defective parts will be replaced, but shipping costs are extra. Repair by any unauthorized service representative relieves Freedom Concepts of further liability, or obligation under this warranty. All Freedom Concepts mobility devices have a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee not including the return shipping costs. These are the responsibility of the customer.


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