Caliper Brake Adjustment:

Hand Brake Tension Adjustment:

Locking Hand Brakes:

V Brake Adjustment:

Chill-Out Chairs

Changing the Cover:

Feeding/Activity Tray Adjustment:

Locking Castors:

Serial Numbers:

Velcro Straps on Rock’er

Velcro Straps on Roll’er

Gear Shifting

Gear Shifting Adjustment 8-Speed:

On/Off Pin Reciprocator Adjustment:

TEC and REC Drives:

Options and Accessories

Abductor Leg Brace:

Mounting Abduction Positioning Wedge:

Mounting Safety Flag:

Special Features:

Tilt Fork Adjustment:

Rear Steering

Cable Steering Adjustment:

Rear Steer Adjustment (Tie Rod Style):

Seating and Headrests

Adjustable/Removable Headrest:

Seat Height Adjustment:

Slide Seating Adjustment:

Tilt Seating Adjustment:

Sizing and Setup

Locating Serial Numbers:

Measuring an Inseam:

Unboxing and Setup on Discovery Bikes:

Straps, Harnesses and Foot Plates

Ratchet Footplates:

Chest Belt and Harness Adjustment:

Neoprene Footplate Adjustment:

Neoprene Footplate Strap Adjustment:

Neoprene to Rigid Footplate:

Pulley Tension Adjustment:

Replacing Neoprene Footplates:

Rigid Footplate Adjustment:


Foam Grips on Handlebars:

Handlebar Adjustment:

Locking and Unlocking Handlebars:

Moving Handlebars with Pulley Attached: