Share the Freedom!

If you recommend one of our adaptive bikes or Chill-Out Chairs to a customer and it results in a sale, we’ll send you a check for $250!

We truly appreciate the joy and happiness we can provide. Nothing is more gratifying than when we receive referrals from our customers. To thank all who refer new customers to us, we offer a reward program. Simply fill out the following form and upon confirmation, a check will be in the mail! Once again, thank you for your support in helping to more people find their freedom.

Referral Program

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***Please note, the referral program is a one-time-only incentive and offered to families in gratitude for referring other families. The offer is not open to funders, medical equipment dealers, and/or any organizations. In certain cases, exceptions may be made. $250 gift card will only be sent after the purchase has been confirmed, 30 days after shipment has been received by your referral.