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The DCP Mini, designed for children between 18 months and 5 years old,  is a great way to gain therapeutic advantages from an activity that the rider will love. This bike features all of the traditional Discovery features, and even has a cool squeaky animal horn. Multiple quick release mechanisms make this bike ideal for a group setting, where therapists need to make quick adjustments on the fly to fit different riders. The DCP Mini comes in a variety of fun color combinations, and includes your choice of decal package so you can decorate your bike however you want!

Technical Specs

DCP Mini details


We just wanted to write you and tell you how much the boys loved their bikes. The whole neighborhood was very impressed with them and the fact the boys were having so much fun. Dillon who has always been very apprehensive of riding a bike was at first backing away, but when his little brother got on his and took off Dillon got on his and had the time of his life. Dan and I expect to shed a few pounds trying to catch up with them. Seeing them have so much fun brought tears to our eyes. I just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to see our children enjoy being like that of a normal four and six year old child. We took pictures of which we will be sure to send if they turn out… Again thanks.


DCP Mini Features

  • Quick release mechanisms on all adjustable parts
  • Adjustable crank and sprocket system to accommodate spastic legs or different leg lengths
  • ABS enclosed chainguard to protect little fingers from the bike’s chain
  • Direct drive gearing with easy pedal power to encourage reciprocal patterning of the legs
  • 12″ Never-Go-Flat tires with steel rims
  • Customizable front brake and parking/transfer brake on the right side
  • Independently adjustable handlebars with telescopic posts
  • Self-centering spring to promote better hand-eye coordination
  • Incredibly supportive Mini High-Back seating system with multiple options to add additional harnesses or head supports
  • T-Bar which can be used as a brake mount or caregiver handle – option to add Rear Steering so the rider can learn to ride and stop with a little help
  • Mountain footplates – option to add multiple types of footplates to help with heel flexion or plantar flexion
  • Standard bike essentials such as: safety flag, wheel reflectors, animal squeaky horn, multi-tool and bell


Above all, our adaptive bikes provide a quality of life and lifestyle to those with limited mobility options. Every product is designed to provide normalcy and a sense of freedom.  Each bike is built to the person and their special needs, taking leg length, trunk support, and type of disability into consideration. Listed below are several of the benefits that Freedom Concepts adaptive bikes can provide:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Proper hip-to-foot positioning
  • Development of balance and self-support
  • Improved motor planning
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Fitting process ensures natural hip positioning
  • Strengthening of anti-gravity muscles
  • Stabilized bike with parking brake for transferring
  • Quick Release locks help swing bike components out of the way for transferring
  • Improvements in overall mobility

Accessories & Customizations

Available Colors

*Custom colors are available for an additional fee.

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