Adaptive Bikes

Adventurer Series

The AS 2000 is a larger bike with supreme stability, and will fit most people aged 14 and up. For the smaller riders out there, we offer the AS 2000 JR, which has the same great features, with a slightly smaller setup. The largest tricycle in our bike series, the AS 2600, is aimed towards larger adults who require extra balance in their ride. The AS 2600’s full 34” rear axle provides increased stability – great for stroke victims and those with mild-to-severe balance problems.

Please note, the AS 2000 is available in the following quick setups:

  • AS 2000XT: A twist on our classic AS 2000, the AS 2000XT features an extended frame, as well as tilt seating to provide a more-reclined riding position for those with poor trunk and/or head support.
  • AS 2000Jr: A smaller version of the AS 2000, the AS 2000JR features child seating and pedal positioning – the AS 2000JR provides targeted support to larger children.
  • AS 2000N:  A narrower version of the AS 2000, the AS 2000N features a 31” wide rear axle – perfect for traveling through standard door openings and hallways.

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The bike’s 35″ extra-wide rear stance provides excellent stability, however for those concerned with limited space, a narrow 31″ version is also available. Teenagers and young adults will love going out to ride with their friends and family on this traditional looking bike and will enjoy being able to celebrate their freedom every day.

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If you’re recovering from a stroke, or need some stability in your ride, the Adventurer’s full 34” rear stance gives you all the support you need.

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