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Need Help Funding an Adaptive Bike or Chill-Out Chair?

In order to help you or someone you know fund an adaptive bike or Chill-Out Chair, we have developed an online Bike and Chair Registry focused on you. Now your loved one or client can experience Freedom faster than ever!
We will work with you to create an online fundraiser that drives donations for your specific cause. With this page, family, friends, and the entire community can donate to help with your purchase. It’s a great way to truly give the gift of freedom!

Give our Customer Service Coordinators a call and find out how you can start fundraising today!

Freedom Concepts Gift Registry

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We were floored by how simple and convenient it was to set up a page for our daughter Savannah. Once she test rode one of the bikes we did not know how we could raise the funds…That is where Freedom Concepts Registry Page came in. We had all of the funds raised within 15 days (probably not typical) of sending out the email to friends and family. Because of Freedom Concepts’ help…Savannah will be able to ride a bike for the first time in her life. She will be 13 her next birthday and has asked how soon she can ride.

Our friends and relatives told us that donating was very easy to do. We also liked receiving the email addresses of those who donated after the funds were raised. This allowed Savannah to send thank you notes to all of the folks in her life that love her. Thanks again!

Jeffery H

We thought the Bike Registry was a great idea. We didn’t know how people would respond but that is how we got the majority of the funding for the bike. People who wanted to donate, no matter how big or small just clicked on make a donation and paid with their credit card.

Some people who were a little bit leery of the internet…just sent us checks made out to Freedom Concepts and we mailed them in for credit towards the bike.

It was a great way to reach our goal and get a bike for Cody. Cody loves his bike and rides it almost every day and without having gone with the Bike Registry, I don’t believe we would have reached the goal to get the bike.

Sharon M

My son Justin just received his bike from Freedom Concepts. The Registry was easily setup and accessible for donations. I felt that the need is so great for these kids that I highly recommend this for every parent.

Holly M

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