Adaptive Bike Study

Freedom Concepts was fortunate to contribute our adaptive therapy tricycles to a school based intervention program and pilot study. The study was conducted based on a school-oriented intervention to improve fitness and function in children with severe cerebral palsy. The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of a school-based adapted bicycle riding program to improve fitness and function in students with severe cerebral palsy.

The duration of this study was eight weeks. Each student rode a customized Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle for up to 30 minutes each day. The study was conducted in a manner consistent with actual school based physical therapy practice. This allowed the study to be more accurate because it didn’t remove the students from their daily routines.

The study was vigorous and a challenge for the students, which made the results even more powerful. Out of the three students that completed the bicycle-riding program, their completion rate was extremely high. Students in this age range (8-14) often have a poor prognosis regarding making gross motor improvements, however results from this study show improvements in each subject’s fitness and function.

Through a school-based intervention, the adaptive bicycle riding program improved fitness and function of the students that were involved. The results from this type of study are inspiring because it creates an ongoing cycle of mobility.

We’re extremely grateful for the researchers, students, families and schools that made this study possible. Follow the link below to learn more about the Freedom Concepts Adaptive Bike Study. Stay tuned for more information on the study.

Bike Study Poster

Study Infographic