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Seating Dedicated to Your Comfort, Support and Style

Chill-Out Chairs assist with a wide range of behavioral and therapeutic needs. Comfortable and supportive, Chill-Out Chairs are built using a combination of high-grade foams. The patented deep “V” foam design on The Rock’er and The Roll’er provides light pressure, hugs individuals in place, and allows the body to relax – eliminating the need for straps or harnesses.

Comfort Comes First!

When kids are comfortable, they’re relaxed. Every Chill-Out Chair is built with a combination of high-grade foams to help relax spastic muscles and provide the most comfortable sitting experience possible.

Straps? Restraints? No Way!

Every Chill-Out Chair is built using our patented Deep-V foam design. This special cut in the foam works alongside our built-in pommel to give kids and adults a light cocooning hug that helps the body to relax and remain in place. We love helping people discover the freedom from the confines of a wheelchair or lack of support from a beanbag.

Sanitary in Seconds

We want you to get the best experience out of your Chill-Out Chair. Part of that is making sure it’s sanitary and easy-to-clean – don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our Crypton™ antibacterial fabrics and Medbloc Liner help protect the foam’s integrity and make cleaning time quick and easy.

Chill-Out Chairs Roll'er Chair
Chill-Out Chairs Rock'er Chair

Kick Your Feet Up!

Chill-Out Chairs come standard with our Multi-Purpose Ottoman. This isn’t just any ottoman – we’ve designed our Multi-Purpose Ottoman with leg elevation in mind. The relative position of our ottoman helps to isolate movement, increase circulation and reduce edema in the lower extremities.

Embrace the Elements

Enjoy the outdoors with our new outdoor accessories and fabrics! Our All-Terrain Wheel Kit lets you get out and enjoy the sunshine with your Chill-Out Chair. The removable heavy-duty wheels make navigating rough or bumpy terrain a breeze. With the addition of our Sunbrella™ fabric covers, you never have to worry about rain making its way into the foam core. Call us today to find out how Chill-Out Chairs can be part of your next outdoor adventure.

Comfort in All Settings!

Chill-Out Chairs at HomeWhile at home, your child no longer needs to remain confined to their wheelchair, laid out on the floor, or propped up with pillows on the sofa. Give them the dignity they deserve with their very own cool piece of furniture that allows them to sit safely and comfortably, non-restrained, with the rest of the family.

Chill-Out Chairs at TherapyDo your clients need a place to relax during therapy? Chill-Out Chairs are great additions to any therapy center or hospital. The Roll’er model’s upright positioning is great for people with cerebral palsy and the Feeding/Activity Tray accessory makes the chair a favorite among therapists at feeding time. All foams and fabrics meet some of the highest standards of flame resistance and bacteria protection – and are designed to endure heavy use

Chill-Out Chairs at SchoolBuild a better learning environment by adding a Chill-Out Chair to your classroom. Chill-Out Chairs help children with autism or cerebral palsy to relax and focus on the task at hand. The easy to remove, zip-on cover makes cleaning the chair quick-and-easy, while the addition of a Medbloc Liner protects the integrity of the foam and prevents seepage.

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