I drove to Visalia yesterday to give my new friend, Andrew, his custom built Freedom Concepts bike. When I arrived, he wasn’t feeling too good, it was 106, and well honestly I didn’t blame him for hiding inside. But his Dad, Joseph, brought him outside and his Mom, Marianna, was waiting with me for the big unveiling. To our utter delight, he perked right up, gave a giggle and once loaded on and… all the safety straps secure, off he went. He loved it! And as soon as he was riding, he was making loops around the cul-de-sac, his siblings, neighbor kids and even his puppy were riding with him and running alongside to be with him and just take joy in a classic summertime event…….’kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood’.

These custom adaptive bikes have such a value; therapeutically, developmentally and most importantly………socially. I thank our donors for allowing Andrew the chance to be a kid. There are more children like him, if you can help by making a donation then more kiddos like Andrew will become Freedom Riders this summer too! You can donate at www.varietync.org.org

Ayesha Williamson, Executive Director, Variety of Northern California
Andrew on his ASR 2011Andrew on his ASR 2011